TRACK 5: From Eco-Activism to Design Leadership with Coral Michelin

In this episode, join us and have an amazing conversation with Coral Michelin, a distinguished professional with a rich background in environmental management and a Ph.D. in Design. As a strategist, educator, and facilitator, Coral brings a unique perspective to the table, weaving together her expertise in ecology, regeneration, systemic thinking, diversity (DE&I), futures, and decoloniality.

Coral’s journey unfolds through her roles as a visiting professor at IED-SP and ESPM-SP, Research & Development Product and Project Manager at, and Co-founder of Radar ASG. With a passion for socio-environmental goals, Coral has made significant contributions as the former Director of Community Mobilization for innovation at (011).lab, the São Paulo City Government’s innovation laboratory, and as the coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Product and Service Design at IED-SP. Not just a design professional, Coral is an avid ecology activist, a passionate poet, and a fervent feminist.

Also on this episode Coral unveils key insights. She delves into the challenges posed by a lack of knowledge in sustainable design, especially within the digital landscape. Coral also advocates for the pivotal role of education as a driving force, emphasizing its significance for designers, clients, and the wider community. Lastly, Coral navigates the intricate balance between human-centered and planet-centered design, urging us to consider the health of the planet alongside human interests.

If you already love these, Coral give us a special gift, a book reference; Julia Watson: Lo-Tek; Design by Radical Indigenism

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