10 Amazing Latin American Creatives to Follow in 2022

From art galleries to our daily use of smartphones, visual creators around the world have our attention and help us shape how we see the world. These are a few of our favorite creatives and why we think you should follow them too.

Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia… These countries have something in common besides sharing the same continent: they’re the home of incredible artists who capture their own view of the world.

In this article, find out more about the work and life of ten incredible Latin American creators who are leaving their mark.

Image courtesy of Daniela Carvalho

1. Daniela Carvalho (@c.a.r.v.a.l.h.o)

Peruvian Daniela Carvalho is an illustrator based in Barcelona who works in other creative fields such as art direction and photography. Her work is human-centered, evoking transformation and exploring beauty in the unknown. Daniela is masterful in reinterpreting digital media with manual tools to distort and represent alternative realities.

Image courtesy of Diana Peredo

2. Diana Peredo (@di.peredo)

This Mexican illustrator is best known for her creative work in Pictoline over the past 5 years. Diana is skilled at editorial illustration projects, conceptual art, character design, storyboard, and comics, so we wouldn’t find it odd if you felt hungry for more after scrolling through her brilliant collection.

Image courtesy of Diego Fernandez

3. Diego Fernandez (@diegoidef)

Buenos Aires-based Diego Fernandez, is a digital artist and illustrator with a very special line of work: He masters realistic portraits with a whimsical and dramatic atmosphere, exploring the depths of human character.  

Image courtesy of Amadeo Gonzales

4. Amadeo Gonzales (@amadeog77

He is an Illustrator, graphic designer, cartoonist, and self-taught musician from Lima, Peru. Amadeo is the co-founder of the comic and graphic art festival Carboncito, an annual event promoting contemporary creators from across the world. His graphic work is filled with the fundamental idea that beauty is to be found in simplicity, honesty, and especially: playfulness.

Image courtesy of Thiago Lacaz

5. Thiago Lacaz (@tlacaz)

Thiago Lacaz is a Brazilian graphic designer with an interesting line of work in editorial and poster design. His posters have been exhibited in more than 25 countries, featured on international websites and publications, and received awards like the first place in International Poster Biennial in Mexico and the City Mayor’s Prize in Trnava Poster Triennial. 

Image courtesy of PAZ MI AMOR

6. PAZ MIAMOR (@pazmiamor)

PAZ MIAMOR is a branding and graphic design duo from Argentina and formed by Mauricio Gallegos & Gastón García Aja, based in Buenos Aires and Barcelona. The studio tries to connect projects with real people, focussing on creating beauty and value in unexpected aesthetics. 

Image courtesy of Lilia Quinaud

7. Lilia Quinaud (@quinaud)

She is a Brazilian designer and illustrator based in London. Her impressive work shows mastery of color and shape, having won her prizes and recognition in different countries with some of her packaging design ideas. 


Image courtesy of Bastarda Type Foundry

8. Bastarda Type Foundry (@bastardatype

Colombian design studio focused on typographic production through brand identity design. Their attention to detail allows them to create unique brands and innovative fonts that have gotten them praise over the years. 

Image courtesy of Cristina Merchan

9. Cristina Merchan (@miti__miti)

Keep an eye for Miti Miti’s detail and the meticulousness of her drawings. She is an Ecuadorian illustrator living in Cuenca, the city where she finds her inspiration in rural settings, its people, music, and folklore. 

Image courtesy of Mariana Lorenzo

10. Mariana Lorenzo (@marmarmaremoto)

Marmarmaremoto has become one of the most influential artists on social media because of the powerful message she shares. Her illustrations wave the flag of acceptance, self-love, and acknowledgment of all existing identities. In addition, she uses this space to share emotional experiences, especially regarding feminism and being queer, turning her account into a safe place for her followers. 

Every great designer has been inspired by another. If you are in the graphic world, the work of these creators will most likely spark a light of inspiration in your own work. 

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Daniela Carvalho

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